Announcing iPhone (and Ipod Touch) Support for the Psychology Lounge!

I am very pleased to announce that thanks to a brilliant WordPress plugin called IWPhone The Psychology Lounge is now iPhone and Ipod Touch compatible. Nothing changes in a regular computer browser,  but if you want to read an article on your iPhone or Ipod Touch the site is now automatically formatted for those devices.  You can even leave a comment!


Dr. Andrew Gottlieb is a clinical psychologist in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Gottlieb specializes in treating anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and other difficulties using evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a modern no-drug therapy approach that is targeted, skill-based, and proven effective by many research studies. Visit his website at or watch Dr. Gottlieb on YouTube. He can be reached by phone at (650) 324-2666 and email at: Dr. Gottlieb Email.