Jet Blue and Orchard Supply Hardware Customer Service: Epic Fail for JetBlue, Epic Success for Orchard Supply Hardware! (Followup: Blogging Matters, Sometimes)

In a previous post I wrote about my experience with JetBlue and Orchard Supply Hardware customer service.

Here’s a followup which shows one Epic Success, and one Even More Epic Fail!

An executive vice president from Orchard Supply Hardware called me up to discuss the situation. He was apologetic, friendly, and agreed with me that the right policy would have been to honor the coupon. We had a nice chat about customer service, and at the end of it he offered me a gift card to compensate for any inconvenience. I was impressed that a) someone at Orchard Supply Hardware cared enough to call, and b) that he appreciated my feedback. Kudos to Orchard Supply Hardware!

JetBlue on the other hand, managed to make things even worse. When I asked them to fix the miles problem, their unilateral response was to take away my JetBlue miles, and then tell me to contact American to get the miles there. At the end of all of this effort, basically what they did was to take away my JetBlue points permanently, and give me American Airline’s phone number to see if I could get miles from them! Thanks JetBlue for absolutely nothing!!!!

JetBlue turned an Epic Fail into an Even More Epic Fail. That’s a good trick.


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